3D Printing a USRP B200 Mini Case


[edit] Download or Order this model here

USRPs are incredibly handy devices, they let us play all over the spectrum with the signal processing algorithms and software of the day.  The USRP B210 was an awesome step in practicality requiring only USB3 for I/O and power, minimizing the number of cables required to haul around.   However, it’s size and chunky case options have been a source of frustration.   It’s a nice thing to always keep with you, but when packing bags and conserving space, it just can’t always make the cut.

The Ettus Research USRP B200 Mini recently changed all that by releasing a very compact version of the B200 which takes up virtually no space, but frustratingly doesn’t ship with a case to protect it from abuse!   Carrying around padded electrostatic wrap bags isn’t particularly appealing or protective, so I set about to put together a functional case for the device that would at least protect it from physical abuse.

The top and bottom case renderings of the resulting design are shown below, about the size of a stack of business cards. As long as a GPS-DO isn’t needed, this is now pretty much the perfect compact carrying companion for GNU Radio.

case_bottom case_top

The first print, on a pretty low end 3D printer is shown below.   After a few tweaks, fitment around the SMA plugs is very tight, the board fitment into the case is snug otherwise, a bit of space was added around the USB port to allow various sized plugs to clear it.

2016-02-09 (1)

For scale, we show it here next to a full size B210 + case.   While much of the design of the underlying board is the same here, the size reduction, and more tightly fitted case, and resulting hauling size of this device step is pretty amazing!

2016-02-10 (1)

The fit isn’t completely perfect, it could use a little bit more clearance in a few spots, but it shouldn’t be putting too much tension on any overly fragile areas, and seems like it could take quite a bit of beating.   We’ll see how long this one survives!

For anyone interested in having one of these, the STL Case Models have been made available for purchase, or download on shapeways at https://www.shapeways.com/shops/osh

A bit more eye candy below …

the micro-shibu




Note: I would suggest using something like a #4-40 thread and 3/8″length screw size for securing this, see links below.

Black #4-40, 3/8″ Machine Screws   Black #4-40 Hex Nut


7 thoughts on “3D Printing a USRP B200 Mini Case

  1. This is great. I always want to find a good method to protect my B200mini. Your solution is nice. Do you mind share the 3D print file?

  2. I’ve contacted NI and Ettus about b20x mini case.
    “Yes, we will be selling one, the B205mini enclosure will be released in August.” – Neel Pandeya of Ettus Research

  3. Given the above link, I can’t find the print files on Shapeways.
    This is one of those things where it’s probably more economical for them to print it, but I thought I would at least ask about accessing the files.

  4. So I printed the file and the bottom part was perfect – however the top does not fit. It is about 1-2 mm to thin on the side and too much material on the SMA connector. I’m working on updating it if anyone is interested

    1. hrmmm – I haven’t seen any issues like this, I wonder if Ettus re-spun the board and moved anything?
      afaik there is only one board rev, but would be great to incorporate your changes if they moved it!

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